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A new roof is a major project for any homeowner. If your roof is showing signs of age or has significant damage, regular roof repairs and maintenance may not be enough to preserve the integrity of your roof. We at Aloha Roofing are your local experts for all your roofing needs. We provide a wide variety of roofing materials and give you a durable, high-quality roof that will perfectly complement your home and last for years to come.
We provide homeowners with complete transparency by SHOWING you the damage! Using our FREE state-of-the art Drone Inspection, we are able to create a complete report for you, pictures included. See it and believe it!
While your rain gutters are an integral part of your home, you probably don’t think about them very often. Outside of a rigorous fall leaf cleaning, you leave them be for the rest of the year and just expect them to do their job. Your gutters don’t actually need a lot of care, but it is important to pay them heed every once in awhile in order to make sure they’re continuing to do their job, and do their job well. Gutter repair, or new gutter installation when necessary, is critical to protecting your home and keeping it looking great. At Aloha Roofing, we work hard to make sure the exterior of your home has everything it needs to look and function its best. That includes both expert gutter installation and repair.
For the best local gutter services, turn to Aloha Roofing. And while you’re at it, ask us about a roof inspection as well! Call today!
Let us help you transform your house into the home of your dreams. The possibilities are endless when you have a professional, caring contractor on your side. We are superior in all aspects of interior and exterior remodeling and expansion. Give us a call today and learn more about how we can make your home additions a reality.